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Bark in the Park

As seen on my Argus Courier blog.

We just got back from Bark in the Park, the annual Petaluma Animal Shelter-benefiting get-together for Petaluma’s canine citizens (and their people) at McNear Park. Needless to say, a good time was had by all; Jennifer and I somehow managed not to get sunburned and Maddie sniffed and snuffed to her heart’s content, and is now napping, worn out by the day’s festivities.

“Hey, we don’t usually go this direction!” exclaimed Maddie as we led her down F Street past 6th this morning as we headed down to the park.

“We’re going to a party, Maddie, remember?” asked Jennifer.

“It’s a dog party,” I added.

“A party?” pondered Maddie. “But it’s not my birthday or anything.”

“It’s Bark in the Park, Maddie,” I said. “This year it’s a circus theme.”

“A circus!” exclaimed Maddie, excited. “Does that mean they’ll have clowns and elephants?”

“Clowns, probably,” suggested Jennifer. “But I don’t think they’ll have any elephants.”

“Why not?” asked Maddie.

Jennifer considered Maddie’s question for a few moments, then answered, “Because they get peanut shells everywhere, and you wouldn’t want to chance any of the pugs getting stepped on.”

“Good point,” said Maddie, but by then we had arrived at the park, which was festooned with balloons and other circus-themed decorations. Oh, and there were clowns, too (but no elephants).

It was a good day. Maddie got her paw read, we had a “family picture” taken, and, as we do every year, Maddie and I had a caricature drawn of us (for some reason, Jennifer refuses to be caricatured). I took lots of pictures, so be sure to check behind the cut for 'em all.

As seen on the way: "Enter only (Vamps only)"

Maddie tromps along: "I'm going to the circus, the circus, the circus..."

The Big Top.

Waiting in the registration line.

Hot Dog.

Maddie: "I just sniffed a clown!"


Maddie gets her paw read.

Maddie gets her paw read #2. "You have a long lifeline... and want treats."

Maddie and terrier.


Attack dogs. Those Japanese Chins, they're vicious.

Lucy the Cairn Terrier (Hannah's sister).

Lucy the Cairn Terrier #2.

Lucy gives Maddie a traditional Cairn Terrier greeting. Maddie's not sure what to think.

Dancing Pug.

Hanging out. What's going on in the background, we'll never know.

Having a good time.

Hungry Pug.

Lucky the Mutt (a time-honored breed).

Lucky the Mutt muggs it up for the camera. How photogenic.

Best Friend.

Caged Chin. I told you they were vicious.

This little guy wants to say hi.

This little guy wants to say hi #2.

Today's order of business in the Pug Cabal... one of us is an imposter.

Bill and Lucy.

Maddie leads the way back home.

Exit only (for Vamps).

Once we got back home, Randy was out working in the garden...

Maddie: "Hey Randy, guess what I did today. I sniffed a clown!"


Jun. 12th, 2006 07:16 pm (UTC)
and take some garlic?


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