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Denvention 3 Photos... so far...

What follows are a few random shots from Denvention 3. Having a good time meeting, re-meeting, and hanging out with some very cool people...

Jetse de Vries, Jeremy Lassen (jlassen), and Jim Minz.

Paolo Bacigalupi gestures wildly.

Climbing naked guys in hotel lobby.

Jeremy Lassen and the glowing table.

Alan Beatts and Amelia Beamer spar while Jeremy looks on.

Kat Richardson and Charles Stross discuss avionics...

...while Mario Acevedo looks on.

Gary K. Wolfe gets the shot.

Paolo Bacigalupi and one of the ubiquitous ambient elevator monitors.

John Picacio may not know there's a bikini girl on the wall behind him.

More soon.


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