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Ross E. Lockhart
20 November 1968
Petaluma, California, United States
Hares Rock Lots
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San Diego Academy - National City CA (1982 - 1987)
Palomar College - San Marcos CA (1999 - 2002)
Sonoma State University - Rohnert Park CA (2003 - 2004)
San Francisco State University - San Francisco CA (2005 - 2007)
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Ross E. Lockhart is the Publisher/Editor in Chief of Word Horde, a genre publishing company launching in fall 2013. A lifelong fan of supernatural, fantastic, speculative, and weird fiction, Lockhart holds degrees in English from Sonoma State University (BA) and SFSU (MA). He is a veteran of small-press publishing, having edited scores of well-regarded novels of horror, fantasy, and science fiction. In 2011, Lockhart edited the acclaimed Lovecraftian anthology The Book of Cthulhu. In October 2012, a follow-up, The Book of Cthulhu II was published by Night Shade Books, and his rock-and-roll novel Chick Bassist was published by Lazy Fascist Press. Lockhart lives in an old church in Petaluma, California, with his wife Jennifer, hundreds of books, and Elinor Phantom, a Shih Tzu moonlighting as his editorial assistant.