Ross E. Lockhart (lossrockhart) wrote,
Ross E. Lockhart

An Unexpected Parade

"Hey," asked Maddie while we were out walking. "What are all those people doing in the park?"
"Oh, wow," I said. "It's a parade."
"Cool," said Maddie, cocking her head to one side. "But how can it be a parade if they're all just standing around?"
"They haven't started yet. Come on, let's head back to the house and watch from the porch."

It isn't every day that a parade passes right in front of our house. But today marks the Feast of the Assumption (more or less), so a procession of parishioners from Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic Church marched down 5th Street, from Wickersham Park to the church. It was great fun, with stirring music, colorful regional costumes, and a wonderful sense of pageantry mixed with reverence. Maddie watched in awe (especially the horses) from the safety of the porch while I wandered around taking pictures.

"Wow," said Maddie. "I wish every day could be parade day."
Tags: conversations with maddie

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