Ross E. Lockhart (lossrockhart) wrote,
Ross E. Lockhart

Five years of "What's cooking?"

It's unavoidable, the passage of time, and, unbelievable as it may seem, today marks the fifth anniversary since Maddie moved in. Yep, you read that right, another year has fleeted past, and it's time for another Maddie-versary!

Maddie's kitchen sense is also unavoidable. Spider-man's Spidey-Sense has nothing on this girl. The moment someone steps into the kitchen, whether to scramble eggs for breakfast, re-heat leftover mac and cheese for lunch, throw together a veggie "meatloaf" for dinner, or merely to read the mail, Maddie knows. And when she knows, she follows her nose straight to the kitchen, tail wagging, asking, "What's cooking?"

"What's cooking? Smells delish."

"What's cooking? Do I get a slice?"

"What's cooking? Is it something for me?"

"But Maddie," I reply, "you don't even like onions."

So here we go again... Happy Maddie-versary! Let's count off five years of Maddie's hair-dos and hair-dont's...

Five Years... 2009

Four Years... 2008

Three Years... 2007

Two Years... 2006

One Year... 2005

First pics... 2004

Maddie says, "Thanks for sticking around, folks!"
Tags: conversations with maddie, food, maddie

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