Ross E. Lockhart (lossrockhart) wrote,
Ross E. Lockhart

I Love a Parade

It's August 15, which means that once again it's time for one of my favorite parades to tromp through the neighborhood as St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church celebrates the Assumption of Mary. While small, this parade has it all: a police escort, dozens of dancing horses in full regalia, fluttering flags, a black-clad brass band, feathered dancers brandishing sage-filled censers, children dressed as angels, a gilded icon of the Virgin Mary, and throngs of lily-carrying worshippers chanting the Ave Maria. And they march right past our front door!

Here are a few pictures:

Charlie loves a parade too! Especially the horses.

Maddie, who watched from the porch, already can't wait for next year's parade!

And here's a link to a few pictures from the parade in 2007 (I was away at WorldCon in 2008 and 2009, and missed it. Alas.).
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